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Additional Services

Lawn Core Aeration

  • All-Green Lawns, Inc. is now providing an optional lawn core aeration service for our customers.

What is core aeration?

  • Core aeration is the mechanical removal of small plugs or cores of soil 2-3 inches deep approximately every six inches. 
  • We use a high quality, camshaft driven aerator that drives hollow tines into the soil, which removes the plugs, and deposits them on the surface of the lawn. The plugs will gradually disintegrate and disappear within a couple of weeks.

What are the benefits of core aeration?  

  • It allows water, oxygen and fertilizer to more easily penetrate into the root zone, improving the results of your lawn
    care treatments.
  • It reduces soil compaction
  • It reduces thatch.
  • It increases root system growth which improves the overall health of the lawn.
  • What is the cost of this service?
  • The cost is based on the size of your lawn, which we have on record.
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Lawn core aeration services||||


Mosquito Repellant Treatments

Mosquito repellant treatments services||||

All-Green Lawns, Inc. offers mosquito repellant treatments as another optional service for our customers. What you get is immediate results that last for up to 30 days. Within minutes of the application, mosquito activity will drop off in the area treated almost completely. The treatments can remain effective for about a month, depending on the amount of rainfall that occurs after the treatment. More rain will lessen the effective length of the treatment, less will extend it.

The treatment acts as a barrier which mosquitoes will not cross. Mosquitoes will slowly return to the treated area over time, but in small numbers. Repeat treatments can extend the protection throughout the mosquito season.

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