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Welcome to All-Green Lawns, Inc.

Serving Savannah Since 1985

All-Green Lawns is locally owned and has been providing professional level Lawn and Shrub care programs designed for Savannah lawns and landscapes for over twenty years.

Lawn and shrub treatments||||

All-Granular Fertilization

Your lawn and shrubs will receive only high quality granular slow-release fertilizers. While these are more costly to apply than liquids, they provide excellent, long lasting results, and no immediate watering is required.

Staff Horticulturist

Owner Jody Schaaf (BSA, University of GA–Horticulture) designs and oversees all of our Lawn and Shrub Care programs.

Experienced Technicians

Our trained technicians have years of turf and shrub experience working with Savannah lawns and landscapes.

Customer Service

Is our main priority. Our long-term experienced office and field staff provides timely responses to all customers service issues.