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Exceptional Lawn & Shrub Programs 

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The services at All-Green Lawns, Inc. in Savannah, GA consist of yearly chemical programs designed to meet the needs of the southeastern landscape. Our programs eliminate the need for the homeowner to be concerned with the timing and application techniques needed to properly apply lawn and shrub treatments.

If your landscape is deteriorating due to insects, weeds, diseases, or any of the many problems which can occur in this area, we can diagnose the problems and provide corrective treatments. On the other hand, if the landscapers have just left, or you've worked for years to develop a beautiful landscape, our programs can help to maintain the fine condition of your lawn and shrubs.

Another important part of our service involves the professional advice we can offer to you. We can show you how to provide the proper maintenance practices (watering, mowing, pruning, etc.) for your lawn and shrubs that along with our programs, will achieve the best possible results from our service.

Lawn Program

Our Lawn Program consists of five yearly services which provide all-granular fertilization, weed control and insect control.  The services are spaced approximately eight to ten weeks apart.  If you can provide proper watering and mowing, this lawn program works!

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 Early Spring
 Late Spring

 Fertilization/Weed Control
 Fertilization/Insect Control
 Fertilization/Insect Control
 Weed Control/Insect Control
 Weed Control/Insect Control

Note: Lawn fungus spot treatments are included in our regular lawn program. Full lawn fungus treatments over the entire lawn, when needed, are available at an additional charge. Our shrub programs include shrubs up to 8 feet in height.  

Shrub Spraying Program

Our Shrub Program consists of three applications for shrubs and small trees up to eight feet in height.  These treatments provide broad spectrum insect and disease control for your shrubs.  This program is designed to target the most common pest problems which can cause damage to shrubs in this area.   

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Insect Control/Disease Control Insect Control/Disease Control Insect Control/Disease Control

Shrub Fertilizing Program

Our Shrub Fertilizing program consists of two yearly granular fertilizer applications.  These provide the nutrients necessary for good color and growth for your shrubs and small trees.

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All Granular Fertilization 

Your lawn and shrubs will receive only high quality granular slow-release fertilizers. While these are more costly to apply than liquids, they provide excellent, long lasting results and no immediate watering is required.

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