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Our services are automatically scheduled. We do not call before services unless requested to do. You are not obligated to a contract for any length of time and may discontinue the service by notifying our office in writing or by telephone.  You are obligated to pay for any service performed prior to your notice to us to discontinue the service. All-Green Lawns, Inc. in Savannah, GA also reserves the right to discontinue services at any time.


Due to environmental and other factors, we cannot guarantee the results of specific chemical treatments. However, we will re-apply treatments that are a part of our service if results are poor within four weeks after a regularly scheduled service.

Control vs. Elimination 

The term "control" implies keeping pest or weed populations at acceptable levels.  Elimination is generally not practical
or possible.

Weed Control 

Weed control in your lawn will be a gradual process. Our lawn program will control most broadleaf weeds and some grassy weeds. However, certain weeds are uncontrollable by our program.

Ground Moles  

Moles feed on earthworms and insects in the soil. Earthworms are beneficial for your lawn and they are the preferred food source for moles. Our treatments will control insects, but do not control earthworms. Mole activity will be discouraged by our program, but we cannot guarantee to control or eliminate them. 


Lawn fungus-disease problems can and do occur in lawns. We have no practical way of preventing them, or of knowing when or if they will occur in any particular lawn. If fungus problems do occur, we will spot treat with fungicides when it is practical to do so. If a fungus-disease treatment becomes necessary to be applied over the entire lawn, we will recommend it to you and it will be available at an additional charge.


We will leave a door hanger after each service. It will specify the particular treatment which was performed and will suggest appropriate watering instructions. We will also leave a small plastic posting sign at the entrance to the property indicating that a treatment was applied.


Our service is offered on a pay as you go basis. We will send you an invoice and return envelope for payment after each service you receive. Payments are due upon receipt and past due after thirty days. Early season pre-payment discounts are available. We accept personal or business checks, Visa, American Express, MasterCard and Discover.

Need Advice? 

Our professional advice, which has been collected over many years of experience in our field, is available to you upon request as part of our service. By following our advice, particularly regarding watering and mowing, we can achieve the improvements in your lawn and landscape that we are both looking for.

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Don’t hesitate to call us to learn more about lawn maintenance tips.